Mississippi’s climate is warm and humid year round throughout most of the state. In the far northern region it gets a bit cooler than in the south, while the Gulf Coast enjoys very balmy winters. That’s not to say the weather is pleasant. There are a couple of windows of comfortable conditions, but most of the time it is either hot and humid or rainy. Winters in Mississippi are quite pleasant, though it tends to get even more precipitation. The average weather in January is 48°F, though the Gulf Coast is typically in the low 60s °F.

Summer is the least comfortable time of year. Between June and August expect daytime highs in the mid-90s°F coupled with oppressively humid conditions. May and September are slightly cooler in the upper 80s °F, but the humidity levels remain high. Summer is also when thunderstorms strike with frequency throughout the state, particularly in the southern region. Mississippi gets an average of 27 tornadoes each year, mostly hitting in the late spring and summer, while in August and September the chances increase for deadly hurricanes. Be sure and keep track of the weather forecast if you are visiting any time between March and October.

Best Time to Visit Mississippi

There are a couple of good months of Mississippi weather that are worth planning a trip around. After the danger of hurricanes has passed, October and November are the most comfortable with daytime highs in the 70s °F and moderate precipitation. March is also a nice month to visit, with basically the same conditions as fall. You can find good hotel rates during these shoulder seasons, though there really is no clear-cut high or low travel period. In you are heading to the Gulf beaches, the late winter and fall months are ideal. Summer offers good temperatures along the coast, but there is a real danger of severe weather.