Most of the shopping in Mississippi revolves around locally owned stores that cater mainly to the locals. There isn’t a tremendous amount of tourism in the state, but that doesn’t mean the shops are any less inviting. The highlights are old products such as antiques and memorabilia, arts and crafts. If you enjoy browsing flea markets, you’ll have your hands full on the weekends.

Downtown is where the most interesting shops are found in Mississippi. Be sure to poke around the state’s historic towns like Oxford, Greenwood or Canton for some really nice boutiques that sell art, clothing, crafts, and other nifty items that will look great in your home. In Jackson, head to the Fondren District for the best finds. There are also plenty of traditional malls and outlet centers around the state.

Flea Markets

Besides the weekly year-round flea markets that can be found in almost every town in Mississippi, the state also has a couple of major events worth incorporating into a trip. In May and October, the Canton Flea Market is a frantic single-day event that lures thousands of treasure hunters to scour the stalls of hundreds of vendors who bring their old stuff down to sell. The date changes every year, so check with the Canton Chamber of Commerce. There’s another hot market in Oxford each April during the two-day Double Decker Arts Festival. Besides crafts that are a focus, there are hundreds of stalls selling antiques and funky knickknacks.