All visitors to the United States are required to have travel visas arranged prior to arrival. Nearly every foreign citizen needs a visa of some sort, so it is recommended that you contact your local US embassy to find out what is needed. You can also browse the Bureau of Consular Affairs for more travel information. Visitors from the UK and many European countries are automatically granted a tourist visa, but this is subject to a prior online ESTA application that requires minimal effort and cost, and is simply a security check.

Health and Safety

Mississippi can get very hot and humid during the summer months so be sure to stay hydrated whenever doing any kind of outdoor recreation or just walking around town. Mosquitoes are a big problem in the muggy Delta region during the warm months. They have been known to carry West Nile virus, so cover up or use strong insect repellent whenever you're outside. Hurricanes occasionally strike the Gulf Coast around the end of summer and into September while tornadoes are common in spring and summer. Keep an eye on the daily weather forecast while visiting Mississippi.

The racism that persisted throughout the state in the 1950s and ‘60s lingers to a small degree today so visitors of color should be aware of possible unpleasantness. In general, Mississippi is a fairly safe state for travelers. As in any big city, be careful late at night in the downtown districts of Jackson and Biloxi. Petty theft is common so never leave anything valuable in your car or sitting around your hotel room.