Most visitors to Maine will have already entered the United States at another city since Maine has no direct international flights. The US requires citizens of every country to obtain some form of travel visa before arrival. Check with your local American embassy or visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs to learn more about travel visas.

Health and Safety

Due to Maine’s location in the extreme northeast of America, there are a few health concerns to consider when traveling around the state’s outdoor recreation areas. Winters can be extremely cold, with storms bringing ice and snow in large quantities. Whenever enjoying the outdoors in winter, be prepared for anything. The same holds true for driving conditions, as Maine roads can quickly turn icy and dangerous when storms move in.

In summer, the main health issues involve annoyances like poison ivy or giardia from drinking untreated stream water. Deer ticks are also common in the woods and they can carry Lyme disease. Always check your clothes, body, and hair after a hike in Maine for these ticks.

In terms of safety, Maine is about as crime-free as it gets in America. Even the largest city, Portland, has a very low crime rate with most problems revolving around theft rather than violence. With any vacation, be vigilant about anything you consider valuable. Don’t leave things visible in your car when hiking or parking at night.