Like most of New England, Maine excels in the realm of handicrafts and food products. Visitors to the state can find a full spectrum of shopping, from flea markets and quirky boutiques to sprawling factory outlet malls. The raw beauty of Maine inspires an army of native artisans who create things with and about nature. The Native American heritage also contributes and inspires the local art. Quaint tourist towns like Camden have nearly as much to offer as the Old Port district of Portland though the latter is certainly the center of Maine’s eclectic shopping universe.

Maine is an old state and through its immigrants and ship captains, there are hordes of antiques and other treasures waiting to be discovered by intrepid shoppers. Shaker-inspired furnishings, pottery made from local clay, handcrafted Native American baskets, and sea glass jewelry are just are few of the popular items made in Maine. Galleries and antique stores pop up in the most surprising places, along the side of country roads or tucked along the side streets of Maine towns.

A number of well-known American outdoor clothing brands were founded in Maine, including LL Bean and the Kittery Trading Post. Head to the factory outlet malls in Freeport and Kittery to search for some serious savings on all kinds of designer apparel and goods. The best of the best is in Freeport, where more than 100 stores including J Crew and Levi Strauss have set up shop around the massive LL Bean anchor store.