Since there is no international airport in Idaho, most travelers will already be in the Unites States when they cross into the state. The one exception is for those arriving from Canada. Most foreign travelers are required to have a visa to enter the United States, and visas must be prepared prior to arrival. Check with your local US embassy for visa regulations or browse the US government’s immigration and visa website

Health and Safety

Crime in Idaho is virtually nonexistent. Even in its largest cities like Boise and Pocatello it is very rare to hear of violence, especially random attacks against visitors. Petty theft is always a possibility, no matter where you go in the US. Do not leave valuables in the car unattended, as car break-ins are one of the most common forms of crime in Idaho. There should be little concern walking around towns like Ketchum or Sandpoint after dark. Even in Boise, there are few areas that need to be avoided at night.

The wilderness of Idaho presents its own set of natural dangers. Winters are extreme, and visitors need to be prepared for the worst when driving in remote areas or participating in outdoor recreation. Summers bring bears, which have been known to attack humans hiking in the forests on very rare occasions. Be sure you understand safety procedures and speak with local park rangers before hiking or camping in Idaho’s vast national forests.