Despite what you may think, Florida’s weather is actually subtropical rather than tropical, and there is a big distinction between the two. Florida has a more diverse annual climate than most visitors expect, experiencing greater fluctuations in temperature throughout the year than tropical climates. But, there is certainly a difference between northern Florida and the Keys or Miami and even in South Florida, the mercury shifts a bit as the seasons pass.

Winter is predictably peak tourist season in Florida, especially in the southern region and rightfully so because the daytime temperatures seem stuck in the heavenly range of 70’s (°F) from December through February with very little rainfall. From mid-November until mid-April, its high season, so be prepared to pay more and endure more crowds wherever you go. The trade off is that the weather really is perfect. In northern Florida, however, winters can be downright nippy. Though rare, it’s not impossible to see an occasional snowfall in the north of the state.

Summer is brutally hot and humid throughout Florida. There’s simply no escaping the sweltering wall of humidity between May and September so come prepared to perspire. The interior areas are the worst, but along the coast there is the occasional relief of an afternoon thunderstorm or sea breeze. Just keep in mind that hurricane season runs from June to November. On the up side, this is when you can find great deals on hotels and resorts across the state, and forget about long lines at Disney World.

Best Time to Visit Florida

Spring and fall are the ideal times to visit Florida. You get the best of both worlds, with fewer crowds at the beach and top attractions, and lower hotel rates than those just a month earlier or later. Best of all, the weather is sublime. The spring months of April and May offer superb weather for the beaches or theme parks without much of the tourist crowds. It tends to rain a bit in spring, but the typically brief showers simply freshen things up.

Fall is arguably an even nicer season in Florida because there is very little chance of rain spoiling your plans. November is the driest month of the year, and in many people’s opinion, the best month for a visit anywhere in the state. September and October are also excellent months, though there is more chance of a hurricane the closer to summer you visit.