Miami International Airport (MIA)

The main airport serving south Florida is located eight miles north of downtown Miami. It’s a major air hub for travel to Latin America and the Caribbean, but also has direct flights to a number of other regions around the world, as well as most US cities. Each year, more than 38 million passengers fly through MIA. The busiest international routes are London Heathrow, Sao Paulo (Brazil), Caracas (Venezuela), and Mexico City (Mexico) and the busiest domestic routes fly to Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and Dallas. Most major US carriers and many international airlines, especially those from Latin American countries, have regular flights to Miami.

The airport is divided into the Main Terminal, the North Terminal, and the Central Terminal, with five concourses, E through J, handling specific carriers. All of the concourses are well-equipped with amenities for passengers, including ATMs, currency exchange kiosks, eateries, and shops. There is also Wi-Fi internet in several hot spots around the airport, and other useful facilities like spas, VIP lounges, tourist information stations, and a major hotel directly connected to the airport.

There are several transport options to get to your final destination. The MIA Mover is an elevated light rail service that runs to downtown Miami and is ideal for light travelers. There are also taxis, limousines, and shared shuttle vans that provide convenient transportation directly to your hotel in South Florida. One of the most popular options is to rent a car and there are 16 different car rental companies at the airport, ensuring plenty of choice in terms of rates, prices, and models.

Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Florida’s second-busiest airport is located six miles outside of Orlando. It provides convenient access to the central and northern regions of the state. Around 34 million travelers pass through Orlando International Airport each year, many on their way to Disney World or one of the other major theme parks outside the city. The top domestic routes are Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, and Newark (New Jersey), while the busiest international routes fly to London Gatwick, Toronto, and Manchester. Nearly every US carrier and many international airlines maintain regular direct service with Orlando.

The airport is divided evenly into Terminal A and Terminal B and both offer a comprehensive selection of passenger amenities, as well as Wi-Fi internet service. Dozens of different options for a meal, snack, or drink can be found in both terminals, as can a full array of shops. Many arriving passengers opt to rent a car, and there are 11 well-known car rental firms operating right at the airport. Alternatively, travelers can hail a taxi or limousine, or hop on one of the many shared shuttle vans serving the main tourist destinations around Orlando. Most major hotels and resorts in Orlando offer shuttles for their guests.