• Avoid keeping money in your back pocket and if you can, purchase a money belt to store your passport and valuables in
  • Avoid withdrawing money from ATMs at night or in unpopulated areas
  • Check with your accommodation for shady neighborhoods or areas to avoid
  • Always book a taxi in advance from your hotel or resort. It is not recommended to flag one down on the street for safety reasons.
  • If you have rental car or are self-driving, chances are you will come across a checkpoint. Be respectful and obliging, and you won’t have any problems

Contact Numbers

Police: 066 Emergency: 066 Centro Medico ABC Hospital, Mexico City: +52-155-5230-8000 US Embassy, Mexico City: +52-155-5080-2000 British Embassy, Mexico City: +52-155-1670-3200 Canadian Embassy, Mexico City: +52-155-5724-7900 Taxi Radio AC Sitio 101, Mexico City: +52-155-5566-7470