Mexico Taxis and Car Rental

The famous taxicabs of Mexico are believed to be part of the largest taxi fleet in the world, with more than 100,000 taxis in operation throughout the country. The efficient road network, widespread availability, and low fares make taxis the country’s most accessible form of inner-city and, depending on the distance, inter-city transport. However, there are many reports of robberies and assaults on passengers each year, and it is advised that you only take radio taxis, known as sitios, which can be summoned in advance. Radio Taxi Sitio (+52-155-5674-6197) is a recommended firm operating in Mexico City. Renting a vehicle is also a cheap and useful way to explore the country, and can be done through all the main car rental companies, such as Avis and Budget, in major cities and airports.

Mexico Trains and Buses

While traveling in cities, particularly the hectic Mexico City, the cheapest way to get around is by bus. In the capital, a fleet of new buses was recently introduced, in addition to the already existing older microbuses. Although there is no set public transportation schedule, buses are a permanent fixture on the roads of the capital; however, don’t expect to find a stop; it’s your job to flag one down. When traveling long distances, express buses are recommended for their good value, comfort, and direct routes. First class buses are usually the best option, as second class tend to have more frequent stops. It is also possible to travel to and from the US via bus, with companies including Estrella Blanca, Primera Plus, and Grupo Ado.

Passenger trains are almost nonexistent in Mexico with only a few lines in operation including a stretch from the Copper Canyon to the coastal city of Tobolobampo, known as the Chihuahua Pacific Railway, while in the Yucatan Peninsula, a train runs from Villahermosa to the popular tourist resort of Cancun.