As part of the Schengen Agreement, Greenland has similar visa and passport restrictions as mainland Denmark. All visitors must have a valid passport or European Union travel card upon entering and leaving. United States visitors do not need visas for trips less than 90 days. For countries that do require extra documentation, you must apply before you arrive. More details can be found at

Health and Safety

Crime and violence towards foreign is virtually non-existent in Greenland. Greenlandic health care is generally excellent, and acute treatment is free at the dental clinics and hospitals found in most communities. It is recommended to purchase travel health insurance in advance and bring your own prescriptions.

Greenland’s greatest health risks are found in its extremely cold winters, when visitors must wear heavy boots and Arctic parkas to protect themselves against hypothermia and frostbite. Summer visitors should be aware of potential sleep deprivation caused by the midnight sun so bring a sleeping mask if you want to get some shut eye. Also, keep an eye out for the musk ox which roam freely south of Kangerlussuaq. Greenland’s summer mosquitoes are annoying, but harmless.