Greenland Taxis and Car Rental

Greenland’s endless glaciers and dangerously rugged terrain make it impossible for the territory to extend its road network beyond 62 miles in Nuuk, 43.5 miles of gravel roads around Kangerlussuaq and a small gravel road which runs just over three miles between Grønnedal to Ivittuut. Despite Greenland’s lack of highway infrastructure, most communities still have a taxi service. Two of Nuuk’s most prominent companies are Taxi Service (+299-322222) and Nuuk Taxi (+299-321818). Car rental is also available, but visitors won’t be able to get very far outside of city limits. Those who do rent cars in Greenland should be aware that most cannot be taken off road. Fuel prices are fairly comparable to those in the United States.

Greenland Water Taxis

Ferries are among Greenland’s most important means of transportation, especially after the spring ice melts. Norway’s famous Hurtigruten cruise line offers nine day excursions through many Greenland communities only accessible by sea. Routes frequently change due to shifting ice conditions, but Greenland’s main passenger ferries are Sarfaq Ittuk, which runs between Nuuk and Qaqortoq, the Najaaraq Ittuk, operating from Qaqortoq to Nanortalik and the three trips to Disko Bay.

Greenland Trains and Buses

Greenland has no rail network, and the territory’s only significant bus line is Nuup Bussii A/S, Nuuk’s small inner-city bus service. The main forms of transportation are sled dog and snowmobile.