Nunavut Taxis and Car Rental

Iqaluit boasts a surprising number of taxi companies for a vast territory with very few roads. Pai-Pa Taxi (+1-867-979-2383) and Nunavut *Caribou Tuktu Cabs (+1-867-979-4444) are merely a couple of the half a dozen taxi businesses serving Nunavut’s capital. Iqaluit taxis charge per person, and are fairly cheap, but they frequently stop to pick up other passengers during a single trip. Although a company called Driving Force offers car rental in Iqaluit, motorists will not be able to drive very far as there are no roads in or out of Nunavut’s capital, which is easily accessible by taxi or foot.

Nunavut Water Taxis

Arctic cruise ships from southern ports and smaller vessels sail between Nunavut’s coastal communities during the territory’s brief open water summer season, which lasts between June and September.

Nunavut Trains and Buses

There is no passenger bus or rail service in Nunavut, whose vast lands contain only one 13-mile road between two communities. Snowmobiles and dogsleds remain Nunavut’s most common means of ground transportation.