Iqaluit Airport

Nunavut’s largest airport, a bright yellow building next to the town of Iqaluit and situated approximately halfway between Europe and California, is literally impossible to miss. This airport locals affectionately call ‘the yellow submarine’ acts as both the main gateway to Nunavut for most of its visitors from southern Canada and the main transportation link between Iqaluit and Nunavut’s smaller communities, all of which can only be reached by air. Although Air Greenland ends its seasonal flights to Nuuk in September 2012, Iqaluit Airport continues to offer direct flights to Yellowknife, Ottawa, Montréal, and Gander in addition to about a dozen smaller Nunavut communities throughout the year. Canadian North, First Air, and EVAS Air are the main airlines serving this airport which can only handle aircraft with a maximum capacity of 15 passengers.

This two-floor terminal contains a gift shop, help desk, childcare center, travel agent, and an impressive Inuit art display. It takes no more than five minutes to get between Iqaluit Airport and the heart of Nunavut’s capital by car rental or taxi. Visitors can even walk between the airport and their hotels when the weather co-operates.