American travelers will not need to purchase a visa before arriving in the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). Visas to enter the country can be purchased upon arrival. Visitors are strongly advised to visit before traveling into the PNA.

Health and Safety

Parts of the PNA are among the most volatile areas on Earth. However, the violence that goes on here is usually quite localized. This means that trouble in one town won’t mean that Bethlehem and other cities are under threat too. However, when in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, tourists should heed travel warnings if they arise, and always check for news before heading out to a destination.

If traveling into Gaza, tourists are advised to not wear anything that is, or resembles, a Jewish symbol. It is also important to stay off the streets at night. Most countries, in particular the United States of America, see the Gaza Strip as a war zone, and strongly recommend against all unnecessary visits.

Despite the security of the West Bank area being much more stabilized nowadays, it is not uncommon for violence to reignite at a moment’s notice. This is why travelers heading to the PNA should always remember to stay safe, not to walk alone at night, and stay with tour groups if possible. Remember, in addition to conflicts with Israel, the Palestine area has also experienced a bloody civil war in recent years.