The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) is one of the world’s most enigmatic regions. From the natural landscapes, to the man-made marvels, it has enough entertaining activities to enthrall travelers for weeks on end. Even though the region can get relatively hot, hiking is still very popular. Sites like Quruntal Mountain, the Artas Valley, and Moun Ebal are the perfect spots for this.

For one of the more unique experiences, tourists who travel to the city of Jericho must spend a few hours on the back of a camel, exploring the city and its surrounding desert. Of course, tourists need to prepare themselves for a sore rump afterwards, but it’s worth it.

Hiking in the region of PNA is a memorable experience. Hikers won’t find luscious green mountain-sides and unique wild animals, but they will come across some of the most impressive desert landscapes and ancient sites the world can offer. Hiking around Bethlehem, Jericho, and Nablus provides some great views. Pure Travel can arrange walking tours of the PNA.

After a long day of sightseeing, tourists in Nablus should head to the local Turkish baths, found in the Old City district of town. The baths have separate entities, so men and women do not share the same areas. Bike Palestine is a great agency that organizes trips to the Turkish baths of Nablus.

One of the more interesting and downright fun activities in the city of Jericho is the Bedouin camel rides. Starting within Jericho’s main city, these camel rides take patrons into the desert that surrounds the ancient city. The working camels are easy to spot, as they are usually well-decorated by their Bedouin masters. Tourists can find travel itineraries that include camel riding at Pure Travel.

Even though there are some beaches here that do not allow Palestinians to enter, tourists visiting PNA will have no trouble reaching one of the Dead Sea beaches. Some of the larger beaches provide water sports, but the best thing to do is simply take in the sun, float on the water, and relax. There are several holiday agencies that arrange beach trips in the PNA, including Visit Palestine.

History buffs and those in the need for exploration should check out PNA’s many archeological dig sites. It is possible for tourists to join a dig tour, which takes patrons to some of the amazing excavation sites around the territories. Jericho is home to some of the more fascinating archeological digs. Travel in Style provides great opportunities for tourists to enjoy archeological digs in the PNA.