Hot summers, mild winters and pleasant temperatures mark the climate of Georgia. The alpine areas experience pleasantly low temperatures, while the subtropical southwest receives the heaviest rainfall, but rainy spells can happen year-round. Early summer is from May to June, with fall occuring in September. Summer temperatures reach 105°F, while winters can be grim. The country rarely freezes thanks to the Caucasus Mountains, which buffer the icy northern winds.

Best Time to Visit Georgia

The months of May, June and September are the best times to visit and explore Georgia. The weather is pleasantly warm and the skies are clear, allowing you to appreciate nature at its best. Avoid the humid months of July and August, which prelude rainy spells, though this time is good for a trip to the mountainous regions, where the weather is sunny and cool. July and August are also peak months on the Black Sea coast for beach days and sunbathing.