This Eurasian crossroad is so diverse you’ll have a hard time choosing what should go onto your Georgia itinerary. From the positively eerie watchtowers, stone churches and castles of the ancient towns to the verdant forests of the inland regions, Georgia will leave you in awe of both its natural and manmade wonders. You will never tire of the lovely beaches and relaxing spa towns and adventure-seekers can't get enough of the outdoor attractions.

There are five national parks that serve as playgrounds for nature-lovers looking for mountain trekking to bird and wildlife watching, rafting, and even wine-tasting in the far inland region. Great slopes offer plenty of opportunities for hiking in the summer before they turn into all-white winter resorts that offer excellent skiing. Throughout Georgia are mysterious forests and caves to explore, historic landmarks to admire and great stretches of wilderness to exploit.

Many Georgia-based travel agencies can help make planning easier. Georgian Holidays, for example, offers various tours tailored to different interests. Its cultural excursions take you to the best UNESCO World Heritage sites throughout the country, while passing by architectural marvels and historic monuments with great stories to tell. Its adventure tours trek gorgeous ravines and hike up mighty peaks, taking on roaring rivers, and marvel at sparkling waterfalls. Other highlights include ethnographical experiences and wine tasting around the vineyards and cellars in Kakheti.

If you are more into nature, explore Georgia by jeep and have an off-road adventure on beautiful routes with Concord Travel. This group also offers exciting eco-tours around popular destinations like Kobuleti and Pantishara, along with trailing experiences to magnificent mountain ranges in the country. Cycling tours pass through stunning landscapes and fascinating ancient towns, while wine routes add a slice of gourmet to Georgia.

Modern Travel Georgia caters to your outdoor adventure needs, offering opportunities for active holidays in the most beautiful spots in the country. Hiking and trekking are just the start of your adventures, which also offers biking, rafting, camping, and even skiing. They specialize in tours around Aragvi, Rioni, Pasanauri, Mtkvari, and the spa town of Borjomi, providing convenient access to transportation and hotels, as well as reliable camping and picnicking equipment.

Explore the best winter resorts in Georgia on a ski trip from My Travel or go on exciting daytrips around the capital of Tbilisi and scenic Mtskheta. The group also offers cultural tours and excursions to various destinations along the Black Sea coast.

Caucasus Travel offers comprehensive packages for travel to Georgia. Archaeological tours through ancient lands offer unique experiences and a glimpse into the most legendary places in the country. Other exciting options include botanical tours and nature expeditions through the verdant forests and winter ski holidays to the best Caucasian destinations.