Macau Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are cheap and readily available in Macau. There are two types of official metered cabs: black with cream-colored roofs or yellow. There is no difference in price or service, they are just run by different companies. To avoid language barriers, it is helpful to carry the name of your destination and hotel writen in Chinese at all times. The only radio taxis in Macau if you'd like to book one in advance are Vang lek Radio Taxi Company (+853-2851-9401 or +853-8398-8800).

Macau is small enough that it is not necessary to have a car. However, North American drivers should be aware that driving is on the left-hand side. There are three rental companies available: Avis, Burgeon Rent A Car and Vang lek Rent-a-Car should you choose. Visitors are required to have a valid international driver's license.

Macau Ferries

In the past, ferries were the only way to get to Macau from Hong Kong, but service has since been expanded to air. The ferry still is a popular way to reach Macau as it takes only an hour and there are over 150 crossings daily. The Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal is the main port located on the southern part of Macau and most hotels offer free shuttle services. Ferry connections include: Hong Kong (Hong Kong Island and Kowloon), Shenzhen, Wanchai and Guangzhou.

Macau Trains and Buses

There is no railway in Macau so the most popular form of public transportation is bus. The bus network is cheap, frequent, clean, air-conditioned, and easy to use. They charge a flat rate of MOP $3.20 (US $0.40) for most destinations in Macau, but trips to Cotai cost more. Most hotels also operate their own fleet of shuttle buses to the airport or ferry terminal.