The Chinese love their festivals and this also true for Macau, which has something going on almost every month of the year. Macau holidays are a celebration of sporting events, shows, and trade fairs all taking place at the glamorous beach resorts.

Chinese New Year

Timing varies according to the lunar calendar, but generally Chinese New Year takes place in January or February. For many, this is the most important celebration of the year and festivities generally include fireworks, parades and shows. Don’t miss the Chinese dragon dance as touching its face is supposed to give good luck all year round. If you're coming during this period, plan well in advance as hotels book up months prior.

Macao Arts Festival

The Macao Arts Festival is an annual event that brings artists together from all over the world in late May, early June. The theme is "Enjoy Life through Art" and a huge range of performances, art and shows are scheduled in venues throughout Macau and Cotai.

Dragon Boat Festival

June sees the amazingly colorful dragon boat races along the shore of the Nam Van Lake. Egged on by drummers on board who keep the beat, rowers (both locals and foreigners), put all their strength into winning the contest.

Feast of Hungry Ghosts

Generally held in August, the Feast of Hungry Ghosts is a spiritual festival where people burn effigies to appease their ancestors’ souls. There are a variety of items made from paper like houses, cars and money, which are symbolically set ablaze.

Macau International Fireworks Display Contest

In September/October an international fireworks contest is held in Macau. A must-see, the event is considered the biggest of its kind in the world. About 100 fireworks teams from all over come to compete in the night time extravaganza.

Macau Open Golf Tournament

Held in September or October, top golfers flock to the annual Macau Open, hosted at the Macau Golf and Country Club. This tournament is known for giving leading Asian players a chance to compete against the best in the world.

Moon Festival

A Chinese Festival to honor the Moon, this event occurs annually according to the lunar calendar. Moon cakes are sold throughout the land and given as gifts to friends and family. Many people head to the Nam Van Lake or Hac-Sa Beach to watch the night sky.

Macau Food Festival

Held in November every year, this food festival is a popular event among locals, attracting top chefs from around the globe to showcase their dishes. Visitors can taste all kinds of regional cuisine and there are shows and competitions that take place.