Gran Canaria’s perfect climate attracts visitors all year round. Temperatures are consistently warm and sunny, averaging 63˚F to 77˚F. In the summer, weather may reach 86˚F, usually around July, August and September.

The climate may feel similar to spring because of the sea, but weather can change drastically depending where you are on the island. Coastal areas are usually sunny throughout the year, but be prepared for slightly chillier weather as you move inland, especially when climbing to high altitudes. Sometimes, snow can be seen on the peaks of Gran Canaria’s mountains.

The Gulf Stream and the sea influence the weather patterns. Winter is mild with November, December and January being the coolest months. The southern region experiences less rain.

Best Time to Visit Gran Canaria

The weather remains pleasant throughout the year, so you can visit any time. Most tourists arrive December to February to escape harsh winters, driving up hotel rates. The second high season occurs from May to October, when the breeze is more refreshing and the heat is less scorching than mainland Spain. Airlines often offer reasonable fares from November to mid-December and from March to May, except around Easter when a lot of visitors come to the island. Flights may also become more expensive during school holidays in August.