US citizens do not need a visa if they are visiting as tourists for up to 90 days. The same goes for nationals of Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, the EU, and Iceland. All passports need to be valid for at least three to six months. There are no particular vaccinations required before visiting Gran Canaria, but health or travel insurance is highly recommended.

Health and Safety

High quality medical care is offered by a wide selection of hospitals and clinics on the island. Many dentists and doctors are able to speak English fluently. Fortunately, Gran Canaria is not known for any particular diseases, and the worst condition that a traveler may experience is a severe hangover from too much drinking and partying. Aside from that, be careful not to get sun burnt, bitten by insects or become dehydrated from the heat. Precautions like using high SPF and waterproof sun block, mosquito repellent and drinking lots of fluids are recommended.

Farmacias or pharmacies are easy to spot with their green cross symbols. Las Palmas has two major hospitals, Hospital Insular on Avenida Maritima del Sur near the airport, and Hospital Doctor Negrin on Cantears Beach. The Red Cross headquarters is on Calle Leon y Castillo 231.

Crime rates are low in Gran Canaria, but travelers are still advised to be vigilant. If staying in a room on the ground level, keep windows and doors locked and do not leave valuables in plain sight. Stay away from people who offer free meals or free tickets. Drunks may cause trouble, too, and petty thieves may pick up unattended items on the beach.