Gran Canaria maintains a festive and fun atmosphere throughout the year. Most of the extravagant events take place in the capital, Las Palmas, with some notable ones being Festival de Musica de Canarias, Jazz Festival, International Film Festival of Las Palmas, and Festival de Opera. Universal holidays like New Year’s Day, All Saints’ Day and Christmas are also observed along with religious holidays like Epifania, St Joseph’s Day and Feast of the Assumption, and national holidays such as Nacional de España and Labor Day.

Festival de Musica de Canarias

Every January, Las Palmas celebrates a classical music festival that attracts visitors from all over Europe. The finest international soloists, conductors and orchestras (including the island’s own Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra) perform live.


Held every year during the early days of February, carnival festivities are hosted throughout Gran Canaria, with the center of the action in Las Palmas. Contests like Carnival Queen and drag acts are common, as well as children's shows and games. You can expect Latin dancing, parades, a lively and colorful party, and famous celebrities.

Fiesta of the Aborigines

In late April, the Guanches, the pre-Hispanic inhabitants of Gran Canaria are honored in the Santa Luica area. They are remembered through traditional dances, concerts and celebrations.


In the middle of May, famous singers from around the world come to the island to perform along with local musicians and traditional dancers. Admission is free to the three-day events and concerts.

San Juan

St John’s Day is celebrated in the last week of June on Gran Canaria. There are many rituals along with sporting events, theater performances and concerts. Fireworks and bonfires are also common.

Festival Internacional de Cina de Las Palmas

The International Film Festival of Las Palmas is held annually from late October to early November. Many celebrities and directors are on hand to promote their latest movies.