Menorca has a typical Mediterranean climate, enjoying warm weather throughout the year. Summers are hot, averaging 85°F from June to September, while even winter days stay up around 60°F. July and August is peak season when Europeans are on holiday, but be aware the island is busiest at this time and hotels are always pricier.

May and June is shoulder season and the weather is also nice, with temperatures a respectable 70°F and little in the way of rainfall. Late spring is fresher, while fall (September and October) is similar temperature wise though there is more chance of rain.

Many visitors book holidays during the winter in Menorca (November through February/March), when daytime temperatures are pleasant and beaches can still be enjoyed. Lots of people from northern European countries visit at this time to escape the frigid climates back home and to take advantage of cheaper flights and accommodation. This is a time to visit the south of the island, as the frequent northeast winds are called tramuntana.

Best Times to Visit Menorca

Most people come to Menorca in July and August to enjoy the hottest temperatures and the longest days, typically 11 hours a day of sun. However, any time between May and early October is good weather, with usually blue skies and high temperatures. Indeed, if you are planning on getting active (hiking or golfing), it is best to visit at a time other than summer due to the fierce heat of high season.