Most Menorca holidays have a religious undertone, although they are superbly done and of interest to the average tourist. There are also a plethora of musical events on the island, including the much anticipated Menorcan Jazz Fest and Music Festival, both of which take place in the capital.

Procession of the Three Knocks

The Processo dels Tres Tocs is a religious event in Ciutadella in January that marks the routing of the Muslims by Alfonso III in 1287. While not a major event, the procession goes right through the center of town and is worth a look if you’re around.

Carnival Parades

Carnival is celebrated before Lent all over Spain toward the end of February and Menorca gets in on the fun. In towns and resorts island-wide, people dress up, put on parades and there is partying in the bars and clubs, as well as on the streets. If you want more festivities, take the ferry over to Palm de Mallorca for the Cavalcade.

Festival of Saint Joan

The Festes de Sant Joan is a fun three-day event in Ciutadella that harks back to the 1300’s. It sees a man donning a sheep on day one, together with bonfires in the streets; dolled up horses and parading on day two; and jousting and fireworks on day three. The fun is mainly in and around Plaza del Born.

Menorcan Jazz Fest

Lasting for six weeks, the Menorcan Jazz Fest is perfect for lovers of jazz or blues holidaying on the island in April or May. Concerts with local talent and stars from around the region, Europe, and North America can be found performing in both Mahon and Ciutadella.

Mahon Music Festival

The Principal Theater (Teatro Principal) in Mahon is the venue for most of the shows during the Mahon Music Festival, which goes through July and August. Musicians and orchestras from around the world perform here.

Day of Our Lady of Carmen

Held on July 15 and 16, the Dia de Virgen del Carmen is celebrated at harbors all over the Balearic Islands, including Mahon and Ciutadella, to praise the patron saint of sailors. Fishing boats are blessed and there are obligatory street parades in both towns.

Festival of Saint Llorenc

The small town of Alaior in the center of Menorca is the setting for the Festa de Sant Llorenc in August. It is worth traveling to as the streets are filled with festivities, including horseback riding displays. Alaior is a short drive from Son Bou, Cala en Porter, and Mahon.

Mare de Deus

This fun event in mid-September marks the end of the summer and takes place in Mahon. It is one of the main festivals of Menorca and features a magnificent parade of horses and a huge firework display. Plaza del Ayuntamiento hosts most of the action.