Most visitors won’t need a visa to get into Spain. This includes travelers from the USA, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe. Visitors typically get 90 days, while Europeans can stay indefinitely. Check with the to see if you need a tourist visa.

Health and Safety

Menorca is a safe destination, with the only real threats being strong water currents and winding mountainous roads for those who rent cars. The sun is hot year-round and is particularly intense June through August, so be sure to use sunscreen and cover up the kids around midday.

Water is potable, but most people drink bottled. All visitors should have travel insurance, even visitors from the EU who are covered for emergency medical treatment if they carry a European Health Insurance Card. There are no worries regards exotic diseases, and vaccinations are not required.

There is little worry for violent crime in Menorca and far less pick pocketing than in Ibiza or Mallorca. Areas which require a heightened sense of awareness are the main squares in Mahon and Ciutadella, where tourists flock as gypsy folk can sometimes be a nuisance.

The driving is easy though most routes are single-lane and through the mountains or narrow coastal roads. It is best to go slower than normal and drive defensively in the cities, where locals can be aggressive and erratic. Roads on Menorca are good for scooters, but helmets should always be worn.