Ibiza Taxis and Car Rental

Ibiza has several taxi companies, with Ibiza Radio Taxi (+34-9-7139-8483) and Taxi San Antonio (+34-9-7134-3764) two of the more notable ones. Cabs use meters, but make sure it is turned on at the start of the trip and can be hailed off the street, found at a stand or booked over the phone. Taxis are usually a safe and comfortable way to get around and are quite cost-effective for small groups.

Car rental allows visitors to explore the lesser-known sites and move at their own pace. Most of the major international rental chains have a presence in Ibiza, particularly at the airport and main resort areas. The roads are in good condition, but can be hazardous in peak season due to erratic drivers and congestion. To rent a car, you must be at least 25 years old and hold either an EU or international driver's license.

Ibiza Water Taxis

Balearia, Trasmediterránea and Iscomar are three of the ferry companies that operate between Ibiza and Palma Mallorca, Valencia and Barcelona. Boats Ibiza runs a pricey 24-hour water taxi between Ibiza town and Formentera Port (Formentera Island). Ferry Santa Eulalia has daily services between Santa Eulalia and the coves of Es Calan, Cana Pada, Cala Llonga, Es Figueral, and Formentera Island. Ferries are more expensive than the bus, but are faster and a much more pleasant experience.

Ibiza Buses

Buses are a cheap and popular way of sightseeing around Ibiza. Buses are usually air conditioned, comfortable and frequent. Most towns, resorts and beaches on the island can be reached by public transportation operated by one of the four main companies: Autobuses Voramar -El Gaucho, Autocares Lucas Costa, HF Vilas, and Autobuses San Antonio. Discobus provides night service that runs after 6:00 pm.