Ibiza Airport

Ibiza Airport (IBZ) is the international gateway where most visitors arrive and is located four-and-a-half miles from Ibiza town. 50-plus carriers fly to the island, although many restrict operations to summer charters. The main airlines operating year-round are Air Berlin, Air Europa, British Airways, and Iberia. British Airways flies from London, while Air Europa has routes from Barcelona and Madrid. Air Berlin connects to Düsseldorf, and Iberia flies to Palma de Mallorca. Americans can get here via a major European hub, such as the UK (London, Birmingham or Manchester) or Spain (Madrid or Barcelona).

As an airport that sees major tourist traffic, IBZ is naturally equipped with bars, restaurants, fast food, ATMs, a post office, and currency exchange booths. A direct bus runs from the airport to Ibiza town every 30 minutes. Other transportation options include private shuttles or taxis, although the latter often apply an airport surcharge of a few extra euros. Those wanting more autonomy can rent a vehicle from the desks in the Arrivals hall.