The official language in Montenegro is Montenegrin, although Albanian, Slovenian and Macedonian are also spoken, reflecting the diverse ethnic heritage of locals. In Podgorica and along the coastal resorts, English speakers can be found especially in the tourist industry, but in the north, use of the English is rare.


Montenegro’s official currency is the euro, although the country is not yet an official member of the European Union (EU). Major towns, cities and the beach resorts have a good selection of banks, currency exchange and ATMs, and Visa, MasterCard and Diners’ Club cards are readily accepted at upscale venues, hotels and stores. ATMs tend to deliver large-value notes, with many smaller outlets unable to make change. Western Union transfers can be made easily at post offices and banks. If you’re traveling to the more remote areas, access to ATMs may be limited.


Montenegro is in the Central European Time Zone, one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +1).


Montenegro’s electricity comes as 220-240 V/50H z, and sockets are of the Europlugs and Schuko variety. US visitors with non-dual voltage electronics will need to bring a step-down transformer and plug adapter, while visitors from the UK will only need a plug adapter.


The dialing code for Montenegro is +382, followed by a two-digit area code and the phone number. The three cell phone companies are MTEL, T-Mobile and Telenor, all of which operate GSM networks and offer national coverage. US visitors can unlock their phone to use a Montenegrin pre-paid SIM card.


Passengers arriving from international destinations may bring in 200 cigarettes, one liter of wine, one liter of spirits, and a reasonable quantity of perfume and cosmetics for personal use. Travelers returning to the US are able to buy up to 200 cigarettes, one liter of alcohol and souvenirs and gifts up to a value of US $400 duty-free.

Tourist Office

Tourist Organisation of Podgorica: +382-20-667-555 or http;//

Consulates in Montenegro

US Embassy, Podgorica: +382-81-272-460
Australian Embassy, Belgrade: +381-11-330-3400
Canadian Embassy, Belgrade: +381-11-306-3000
British Embassy, Podgorica: +382-20-618-010


Emergency services: 112