The two main categories of things to do in Montenegro are sightseeing in the ancient heritage towns with their fascinating architecture and charming streets, and the exploration of the country’s dramatic natural beauty through outdoor activities. Then, of course, there are the many lovely beaches along the coast tempting visitors to relax on the warm sands or dive into the azure waters. If you prefer to be on the water rather than in it, there are boats and yachts for rent with or without a captain and crew.

A vacation in Montenegro is perfect for history buffs, water sports enthusiasts and those looking for a unique, unspoiled environment with a lack of crowds outside of the high season at the beaches. If you’re worried about getting around, there are experienced tour companies happy to help with customized or group itineraries to a plethora of sites. Hiring a professional guide for hiking, walking and trekking in the mountains isn’t just the safest option, it’s also the best way to see hidden beauties and tiny villages you might have overlooked on your own.

One of the highlights of a trip to Montenegro is the beautiful Budva Riviera, a heavenly 22-mile stretch of beaches and sparkling blue seas backed by excellent facilities. Budva and Becici are the two main hubs for visitors and get crowded during high season, but there are many more tiny, remote coves accessible by boat where you can have the stunning scenery to yourself. Becici Beach is the best equipped for water sports and adventure activities, with facilities for snorkeling, parasailing, diving, sailing, boating, waterskiing, cliff diving, and windsurfing. Scuba Diving Center can clue you in to the best dive sites and other underwater activities.

Montenegro’s stunning mountainous regions are perfect for hiking, trekking and walking, with several national parks waiting to be explored. The jagged peaks and hidden valleys of the Prokletije Mountains, (the name translates to "accursed" and local legend claims the Devil himself created the massif out of Hell), attract outdoor enthusiasts, as do the plateaus of the Durmitor Mountains holding crystal-clear lakes and rushing rivers. The dramatic karst region with its eroded towers of rock is another popular destination. All of Montenegro’s peaks are the least visited and most unspoiled in Europe. Montenegro Travel Idea can guide you around the all the glories and secret places.

One of the advantages of Montenegro is its small size, meaning that its fascinating historical sites and museums can be visited within a relatively short time. The medieval walled coastal cities of Kotor and Budva Old Town are good places to start, with their tiny, narrow streets, 12th century churches, palaces and quaint squares. Inland Cetinje was once the country’s Royal capital and is famous for its Austro-Hungarian architecture, while unique Perast was part of the Venetian Empire for many centuries. Sightseeing Tours Montenegro offers guided trips to all the historical delights.

Montenegro’s still unspoiled national parks are a haven for wildlife and bird species, with eco-tourism in the country a rewarding experience encouraged by several specialty tour operators. Many rushing rivers offer white-water rafting, kayaking, riding, biking and canyoning as well as camping trips to the remote areas. Birders will love the vast variety of species here, especially in the mountainous regions, home to golden eagles and other raptor families. Eco Tours Montenegro can arrange visits to the best wildlife areas and adventure sports.