For such a small nation, Monaco is home to a surprising number of world-class restaurants, which is a testament to the number of rich and famous visitors the principality attracts. The popular Michelin-starred eateries can be booked for the entire peak summer season, so advance reservations are a must.

Monaco’s location on the Mediterranean means that its cuisine has been influenced by various cultures, both east and west. For traditional Monegasque fare, look for restaurants in Old Town, a local favorite being Castleroc (Place du Palais, Monaco). The main staple is seafood, but French cuisine does dominate the restaurant scene, with many famous French chefs having restaurants in Monaco.

Bars and Pubbing in Monaco

Nightlife is vibrant and exciting in Monaco and the European glitterati swarm here for the amazing array of nighttime entertainment options. The five-star hotels offer luxurious and elegant lounges and bars to enjoy a quiet drink, but there are the vibrant dance clubs to party the night away.

Favorite bars and lounges include the Bar American (Place due Casino, Monaco) in the Hotel de Paris, Alang Bar (22 Avenue Princesse-Grace, Monaco) in the Meridien Beach Plaza and Blue Gin (40 Avenue Princesse-Grace, Monaco) at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. For something more unusual, try Buddha Bar (East wing of the Casino), an Asian themed bar and restaurant.

Nightclubs are popular after dinner or late night as many stay open until 5:00 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. A popular futuristic venue is the Ni Box (35 Boulevard Louis-II, Monaco), which also has an F-1 simulator. To spot celebrities, head to Jimmy’z (26 Avenue Princesse-Grace, Monaco), a popular hangout for European jetsetters.

Dining and Cuisine in Monaco

Prince Albert II is very active in protecting the environment so visitors will be happy to learn that no endangered fish are allowed to be served in restaurants in Monaco such as Bluefin tuna.

Numerous famous French chefs have restaurants here and if you have an unlimited budget you should definitely try one, assuming reservations are possible. Set lunches at these spots are relatively affordable including Joel Robuchon’s two-Michelin starred namesake at the Hotel Metropole, Joel Robuchon Monte-Carlo (4 Avenue de la Madone, Monaco). More options include Alain Ducasse’s Bar & Beouf (Avenue Princesse-Grace, Monaco), Ducasse’s three star restaurant Louis XV (Place du Casino, Monaco) at the Hotel de Paris and Joel Garault’s one star Le Vistamar (Square Beaumarchais, Monaco) at the Hotel Hermitage.

Some of the best views over Monaco, Italy and France are at L’Horizon Deck (12 Avenue des Spelugues, Monaco) at the Fairmount Hotel. If you're craving international cuisine, popular Italian fare can be found at Rampoldi (3 Avenue des Spelugues, Monaco), a fixture on the edge of the Casino Gardens. For American and Mexican food, head to Stars ‘n Bars (6 Quai Antoine 1er, Monaco).