Liechtenstein Taxis and Car Rental

There are a number of taxi companies found in Liechtenstein. The cities and towns are certainly not large, as the entire country can be spanned in just a few hours. Taxis offer a convenient and reliable way to get around the alpine nation, although they are more expensive than other transportation options. Exklusiv Taxi (+423-777-0077) and A-Stern Taxi (+423-373-7605) are two main cab providers.

The easiest place to rent a car in Liechtenstein is in Vaduz and several international providers operate within the capital. Although more expensive than public transportation, the ease and convenience of having a vehicle cannot be beat. The roads and highways are extremely well-maintained and sufficiently marked, but winter snowfall makes driving conditions slippery, so proceed with caution.

Liechtenstein Trains and Buses

Buses are not just the cheapest way to get around; they are sometimes the most convenient. The local bus service is called the LBA, or simply Liechtenstein Buses, which travel from Sargans (a town on the Swiss border) to the cities of Vaduz and Schaan. Schaan Bahnhof is the main station where you can connect to a number of spots around Vaduz and Schaan. Buses number 11 and 14 travel directly to the capital from Austria’s Feldkirch Station.

There is a train service operated by the Austrian railway, but it only takes passengers into Liechtenstein’s Vaduz-Schaan Station, which is located closer to Schaan. There is no independent railway network in the country.