It is well documented that Liechtenstein is only a small nation, measuring the same size as some global cities. Nevertheless, there is still a fantastic number of attractions, some which have been in existence before the country even became a sovereign state. From cultural to historical landmarks, one of the country’s most visited sites is the Vaduz Castle. It’s beautiful façade and magnificent views make it a popular place to explore in the capital. The Liechtenstein National Museum is another favorite, which is filled with amazing collections from medieval Europe through modern day phenomena.

Vaduz Castle

The primary icon of Liechtenstein, Vaduz Castle is a magnificent edifice resting on a hilltop that overlooks the bustling streets of Vaduz. The castle is still used as the main residence for Prince Hans-Adam II; the current head of state. It was first constructed in the 12th century, long before Liechtenstein existed as a state and was heavily renovated just after the turn of the 20th century, and again prior to the Second World War. Even though the castle is not open to the public, it is still a tremendous place to photograph. Address: Vaduz, 9490, Liechtenstein Phone: +423-238-1200 Website:

Prince of Liechtenstein Winery

The vineyards and wineries of Liechtenstein’s prince can be toured, which are worth dedicating at least a half day to. The site is called the Herawingert Vineyards, and stands as one of the best places for grape cultivation and wine production in the Rhine Valley. Address: Feldstrasse 4, Vaduz, 9490, Liechtenstein Phone: +423-232-1018 Website:

Liechtenstein National Museum

Located in the heart of the capital, the museum spans across two buildings, complete with 42 rooms of exhibitions. There are treasures and artifacts from all regions around Liechtenstein along with natural and national historical wonders. Tour guides can be requested if you make a reservation which is recommended, but not necessary. Address: Stadtle 43, Vaduz 9490, Liechtenstein Phone: +423-239-6820 Website:

Schadler Ceramics Workshop

Liechtenstein is famous for its magnificent ceramics and pottery. Since 1836, the small town of Nendeln has been the center of the traditional craft. Tour the workshops, watching how the masters mold and shape the clay. If you book in advance, you are offered a special behind the scenes look into their studios which is a good way to kill a few hours. Address: Churer Strasse 3, Nendeln, 9485, Liechtenstein Phone: +423-373-1420 Website: n/a

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

The main art gallery in Liechtenstein is found amongst the bustling streets in the heart of the capital. It is a relatively modern structure, built by Swiss architects in 2000. The site is home to a range of contemporary art, but the unique façade and interior add to the marvel of the Kunstmuseum. It is designed as a cube, with a tinted concrete and black basalt exterior, and a stark white interior. A café and sitting area are inside for those needing a break from the international collections. Address: Stadtle 32, Vaduz, 9490, Liechtenstein Phone: +423-235-0329 Website:

Balzers Castle

Balzers is one of the busiest cities in Liechtenstein. It is found in the southern region of the princedom, and home to one of the finest castles in the Rhine Valley. Known as Burg Gutenberg, or simply Balzers Castle, the site rests in the middle of the city, atop an interesting little hill. Its position gives great views across the land making it a favorite photo spot. The edifice was constructed during the High Middle Ages, and today the cathedral and bailey are both open free of charge to the public. Address: Furstenstrasse 50, Balzers 9496, Liechtenstein Phone: +423-388-0505 Website: n/a

Postage Stamp Museum

Although this may not sound like much, the Postage Stamp Museum is one of the hottest attractions in the capital of Vaduz. Located next to the Tourist Center, it literally holds the rarest stamps in the country, which is what makes Liechtenstein so famous. There are also several exhibits on the history of the nation’s post, including old equipment and routes which can be explored in a few hours. Address: Stadtle 37, Vaduz 9490, Liechtenstein Phone: +423-239-6846 Website: