Liechtenstein is proof the great things come in small packages. Even though it is only about four miles wide and 18 miles in length, this fascinating landlocked country is bountiful with things to do. The four distinct seasons and the breathtaking alpine landscape have created plenty of fun-filled opportunities for outdoor lovers. Skiing is the number one activity during the winter months and whether you’re advanced or a beginner, there are slopes for you. When summer hits, the once ski-ridden slopes of the Liechtenstein Alps become a mecca for avid hikers. Take in the fresh air, the amazing scenery and the various tracks throughout this small principality.

With the beautiful summer days bringing mild climates to the Liechtenstein landscape, cycling becomes one of the country’s favorite activities. There are more than 56 miles of bike paths throughout the small country, fully equipped for mountain biking and lower-level tracks through the valleys for scenic rides. Bike Tours Direct offers great packages for holidays in Liechtenstein.

When the snow melts, outdoor adventurers flock to this pocket of Europe for some of the most amazing hiking the continent has to offer. Mountain climbing is possible, but challenging hikes are much more common. One of the best treks is the Furstensteig, across Liechtenstein’s high river ridge that begins at Galfei at a height of 5,000 feet. Contact Viator for more information and options.

Paragliding is another one of Liechtenstein’s summer surprises. Soar across the river valleys and mountain tops with Paraglide Guide. Safety is the number one priority, but this is an activity certainly better suited for those with a sense of adventure.

The winter is a tremendous time to visit Liechtenstein as the area becomes engulfed in snow. One of Liechtenstein’s most renowned resorts is Malbun for downhill skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. Steg is a smaller ski resort, famous for its cross country course. Ski Liechtenstein and Pure Travel can offer you specials and discounts.

Sightseeing is always a favorite, no matter what time of year you arrive. From the Prince’s famous castle to the Roman Excavations that have laid in wait for hundreds of years, the local museums, alpine landscape and a host of friendly people make for a memorable trip. Let Trafalgar Tours arrange a carefree tour.