Kosovo Taxis and Car Rental

The jury is still out in regards to the trustworthiness of taxi drivers in Kosovo, but fares are cheap and official taxis are marked and metered. Cabs are easy to find in Pristina, but less so in the rest of the country and always make sure the meter is switched on before departing. It’s preferable to book your taxi in advance by calling and always have your destination written out in Albanian. Musa Taxi (+381-49-851-450) is one reliable operator you can count on.

Renting a car in Kosovo is straightforward, with a choice of several internationally-recognized rental companies as well as local operators. The main highways are in reasonable condition, although rural roads leave a lot to be desired, especially after rainy periods. Mountainous passes are much the same as in the rest of the Balkans, with sharp bends, blind corners and four-legged as well as four-wheeled occupants. Take care when driving at night outside the major cities as street lighting has yet to arrive.

Kosovo Trains and Buses

Train service in Kosovo isn't exactly comprehensive or fast, but it's a cheap and effective means to link many of the towns, especially in the northern Serbian region. Kosovo is a small country, with national company Kosovo Railways operating all the domestic rail services. While comparatively fast trains run to major cities and Skopje, local trains stop every chance they get, making shorter journeys tiresome. Ticket prices depend on zoning and schedules can be confusing.

Bus travel is the preferred means of public transportation as it is frequent, clean and a good value. Routes cover most of the country with major attractions mostly within an hour or two from the capital. The trip from Pristina to Peja takes 1.5 hours, and Pristina to Gjakova is around the same. Mitrovica is only half an hour from the capital, as is Gjilan. Pristina is the country’s hub for bus travel and also offers service to international destinations in other Balkan countries. Within Pristina, seven bus lines cover all the districts, although the Old Quarter and downtown can easily be explored on foot.