Finding mementos of your trip to Kosovo is the most rewarding in Pristina, Gjakova and Peja, with the country’s strong tradition of handicrafts offering plenty of choices. Metalwork is a highlight here, featuring filigree as well as castiron works made out of silver, copper and brass. Wood carvings and engravings also make for great home décor pieces. Hand-painted Eastern Orthodox icons are simply lovely, and other traditional regional crafts include lacework, embroidery, rugs and carpets, knitwear, and leather making. Local musical instruments make unusual home pieces even if you can’t play them, and a good place to check out what’s available is the museum store at Pristina’s Ethnographic Museum.

Although it’ll take a while yet before Pristina’s shopping district transforms into a hub for visiting shopaholics, several department stores are already established along the eastern and southern highways. In the downtown area itself, street stalls line the pathways, selling everything from sunglasses to souvenirs and books.

Pristina’s traditional bazaar makes for a fun shopping and people-watching experience in Kosovo, and the Albi Mall on Skopje Road has boutiques offering fashion and accessories at cheap prices. The bazaar and street stalls provide all you need in regards to inexpensive clothes for vacation-wear, with bartering all part of the process.