Normandy, being exposed to the English Channel in the north of France, is noted for its changeable weather and high winds. Its climate is overall mild, with fairly low averages, but is also quite wet. Normandy is mild in the winter, however, the summer is the best time to visit for beach fun.

The peak tourist summer season in Normandy is July and August, but you can visit any time between June and September (the summer months) and experience nice enough weather to visit the beaches. Temperatures along the coast are around 25°C at this time of the year and the mercury hangs around 17 to 20°C throughout October.

Be aware that the high season summer months see a lot of vacationing French, and hotels are thus more expensive at these times. Consider visiting either side of the peak season, during the shoulder season months of June and September, to save about 30 percent on hotels. These shoulder months are also good for visiting the countryside.

What to pack depends entirely on the time of your visit, but you should bring long pants and a rain jacket at any time. If visiting in the summer, you’ll want shorts and t-shirts, a bathing suit and sunglasses. There are no high mountains in Normandy, but sturdy boots for hiking is a must. You can buy umbrellas everywhere.

Best Time to Visit Normandy

The trees blossom in spring while apples ripen in the fall, with both periods being especially nice for hiking in the countryside as well as along the coast. Winter (November to March) is naturally the off season in Normandy, but temperatures at this time stay fairly mild even though it is the coldest time of the year. It does get wet at this time, however, but hotels are at their cheapest and you’ll avoid the tourist crowds, apart from at Christmas time. The coldest part of Normandy in the winter is around Orne, in the south.