Normandy holidays and festivals promote France’s rich history and prestigious arts scene. Many towns put on Medieval fairs May through August to welcome the summer season with zeal and cekebrate their cultural heritage.

Normandy Festival of AOC

The first week of May sees gourmands trek out to Cambremer to celebrate the best of Normandy’s cheeses, wines and culinary delights. A two day event, markets, tastings and games are enjoyed by families and children alike.

Joan of Arc Festival

The Fetes Jeanne d’Arc and Medieval Market in early May in Rouen is dedicated to the folk heroine. The peasant girl who is said to have led the French army to victory is honored with a parade, religious procession and reenactments of the famous siege of Orléans.

Medieval Festivals

Early July sees people parade the streets of Bayeux in Medieval costumes, with feasts, a ball and period pieces throughout the town. A few weeks later, the event moves to Crevecouer, and Mortemer and Domfront in August. Almost anywhere in Normandy you can find some semblance of celebration of the Middle Ages with jesters, jugglers, minstrels, knights and artisans.

Autumn Festival

From mid-October through November, 60 theater, music and dance performances and circus events are held throughout the region in cities like Dieppe, Rouen and Le Havre to celebrate the arts.


Held annually on June 6, the fateful day marks the anniversary of the 1944 landing of the allied troops to fight Nazi Germany. Set on Bayeux–Bessin beach, ceremonies and events are held as memorials to honor the 9,000 killed or wounded in the epic battle.