Finland experiences a cold yet temperate climate thanks to the moderating effect of the Gulf Stream. Winters are dark, just like anywhere along the same latitude, and temperatures may (though very rarely) dip as low as -22°F in the north and even colder to -58°F in the south. Summers are brief, but pleasantly warm with July being the nicest. Typical temperatures during the summer season sit between 68°F and 86°F. Early spring comes from March to April, which is a period to avoid if you do not want to mix with the large crowds of locals and tourists that head north for winter sports.

Thanks to its extreme latitude, the country experiences the summer and winter solstices, with both the Midnight Sun and Arctic Night phenomena. The Gulf Stream typically appears from October through February or March, when most Aurora hunters head to the Lapland to get the best views of the spectacular free lights show.

Best Time to Visit Finland

High season in Finland typically runs from early June until late August, during which time, all accommodations and attractions are open. Ferries and waterbus services are in full swing, catering to the large crowds that visit during the festival season. However, if it is a winter wonderland you are after, choose dates closer to October, November, December, January, February and March, when Lapland comes alive, especially during the Christmas season. Finland is a year-round destination, but if there was a time to avoid, it would probably be the transition from fall to winter (October to December), when it is typically rainy, wet and dark.