The Land of the Thousand Lakes is one of the most popular adventure destinations in the Nordic region. Summer in the Lakeland is just as fun as the winter wonderland in the Lapland, making Finland a year-round playground. Almost 80 percent of the country is a natural habitat, with 69 percent made up of forested areas and 10 percent covered by water. A haven for outdoor recreation, trekking, mountain biking, rafting and fishing are all popular in the summer, while skiing, dog and reindeer sledding, and snowboarding are favorite things to do in the winter. Getting up close and personal with the region’s diverse wildlife is also a delight for nature lovers year-round.

Besides the lush national parks and snow-covered slopes, Finland also has its share of fascinating historic sites and marvelous buildings, especially in Helsinki, which is essentially a living museum of Art Nouveau design. It is almost impossible to escape nature even in the cities, as huge parks and forests lay just outside the downtown core.

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