El Salvador is tropical, with a cool, dry season from November through April and a hot, wet season from May until October. The beaches are typically warm and sunny year-round, with an average annual temperature of 73°F, while mountainous areas provide a welcoming cold relief. It gets particularly hot in March and April at the end of dry season and rainfall is particularly low at this time. May and September are the wettest months and have the best waves for surfing. There are often good deals on beachfront accommodations here too.

For exploring, it is best to visit in the dry season when all the roads are passable. A four-wheel drive will be required during the wet season, while hiking is best just after the rain when landscapes are still lush. While El Salvador rarely receives the full force of a hurricane, the effects can still bring heavy rainfall, which leads to landslides in mountainous areas. It's a good idea to stay up to date on weather movements during the hurricane season (August to October) when traveling in El Salvador.

Best Time to Visit El Salvador

The best time to visit El Salvador weather-wise is December, when it’s still warm and the air is fresh. You can have endless sun through April, though it is hotter toward the end of this period. The best waves are March to October, though beginners are best off surfing in the dry season. Likewise, wildlife spotters will get the most out of a dry season visit. Hotel rates are fairly uniform, even in peak seasons—Easter, August and December—but rooms are harder to secure. Deals are easier to find from May to June and September to November.