El Salvador Taxis and Car Rental

The big cities in El Salvador have taxi services that are easy to hail, but are unmetered. Prices are reasonable, but must be agreed upon before setting off. Look for an "A" precursor on the plate, which denotes a licensed cab. It is not worth the hassle of taking an unregistered taxi as they are unreliable and the drivers not as well versed in dealing with tourists. Acontaxis (+503-2270-1176) and Acacya Taxis (+503-2271-4937) run all hours in the capital. Three-wheelers are also available in small cities.

While El Salvador’s highway network is good, secondary roads are often heavily potholed and tough to traverse outside of the dry season. City streets can also be a nightmare—particularly in the traffic circles—so many people who rent a car hire one with a local driver.

El Salvador Water Taxis

There is no regular ferry service to El Salvador though charters run across the Bahia de la Union at the border of Honduras (southeast). There is also a tourist ferry across the Suchitlán Lake for sightseeing purposes.

El Salvador Trains and Buses

FENADESAL runs the rail network between neighboring South American countries, although there is no service to El Salvador. Trains run between main towns, but they are old, delay prone in the wet season and safety is a concern when traveling at night.

Buses are the preferred method of travel across borders, with good service from Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, as well as from Mexico and Panama (via Costa Rica). City buses run everywhere, in and between towns, with depots in the big cities and services from town squares and they are cheap but crowded.