The superb climate combined with the lack of infrastructure and excellent things to do outdoors make Easter Island an ideal getaway for nature lovers. Walking or cycling are ideal ways to get around the island and provide plenty of opportunities for exploring while taking in the many iconic statues here.

Much of the terrain is gentle, grassy and deforested, which makes it ideal for walking. For those that want a bit more of a test, the Terevaka volcano is flanked by steep sides that make for a challenging hike. Most of the island falls within Rapa Nui National Park and the terrain of this protected area is suitably stunning in the most part.

Many visitors see the moai statues and then head back to Chile, but there is plenty more to do besides. Often forgotten are the hidden caves which open out into huge caverns in Ana Kakenga, the primary spot to explore this subterranean network. Guides are essential for discovering the caves and their underground passageways.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are the other main activities here, which must be organized by a tour operator. Boats take divers and snorkelers to the nearby islets of Motu Iti and Motu Nui for a glimpse of the interesting marine life that inhabits the waters here.