For travelers used to New York, Paris and London, Easter Island is going to be something of a disappointment in the shopping stakes, but there are plenty of unique souvenirs to buy and the shopping here has come a long way in the past few decades.

The main settlement, Hanga Roa, is by far the biggest commercial area of the island, featuring a handful of small shops, a supermarket and an open-air market. Many stalls selling a host of traditional Polynesian trinkets are set up for tourists. Miniature moai are ubiquitous, so too are the gangs of souvenir sellers that follow guided tour groups around the island.

The Chilean peso is the official currency but the US dollar is widely used. It is also possible to use credit cards at a rising number of shops, even if steep charges apply. There are only a few ATMs, the handiest of which is located at the airport. Cash advances by VISA are possible at the local bank, but expect long queues and limited opening hours.