French is the official language of Haiti; however, Haitian Creole (a language derived from 18th century French, African dialects, Arabic, indigenous languages, and English) is widely spoken. At most tourist attractions and hotels, English is understood.


Haiti’s currency is the gourde, which is divided into 100 centimes. There are a few ATMs around Port-au-Prince, although they are frequently out of order and using them could make you a target of thieves. Travelers’ checks can be difficult to exchange so it’s better to just carry cash. Credit cards are widely accepted in Haiti at major hotels and restaurants.


The time zone in Haiti is GMT -4.


Electrical sockets are the same as those found in North America, but they do not accommodate a third “grounding” pin so you might need an adaptor. Voltage in Haiti is 110V/60Hz so if you have something else, bring a converter. If you stay in a resort or a well-serviced area there should be no power outages, but some parts of Haiti can experience electrical blackouts and as little as 10 hours of electricity per day.


The dialing code for Haiti is +11-509. Mobile phone coverage spans about 35 percent of the country, but landlines are plentiful.


Duty-free goods can be purchased at Toussaint Louverture International Airport. If you are traveling to the US from Haiti, you are allowed to import one liter of alcohol and 1,000 cigarettes.

Tourist Office

Secretary of State for Tourism of the Republic of Haiti:

Consulates in Haiti

US Embassy, Port-au-Prince: +11-509-2229-8000 Canadian Embassy, Port-au-Prince: +11-509-2249-9000 French Embassy, Port-au-Prince: +11-509-2220 951 Spanish Embassy, Liles: +11-509-2454-410


Emergency services: 114