Haiti Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis in Haiti offer prices that are competitive with rental cars, but you have the added benefit of a dedicated driver who is experienced with the local roads. Taxis in Haiti are usually small SUVs or four-wheel drive trucks, to account for the uneven surfaces or unpaved streets. Taxis Rouge (+11-509-5528-1112) provides a reliable service around the Port-au-Prince area. Avis has two rental locations in Port-au-Prince, one at the airport (+11-509-2942-777) and one in Petionville (+11-509-3745-4545). It is recommended that you get an SUV to handle the rough terrain.

Haiti Water Taxis

Water taxis or small ferries are available to travel to Haiti’s smaller islands. You will need to request this service from companies at the harbor closest to the island you wish to visit since many do not have set schedules and only run on request. Most tour operators provide transportation to the islands as part of their packages.

Haiti Trains and Buses

Haiti has not had a functioning railroad since the 1970’s. Two types of bus exist: the local tap-tap, and for longer distances, the minibus. Tap-taps are modified trucks used heavily by Haitians going short distances. They are very economical, but it is recommended you only take them if accompanied by a local Creole speaker. You will find mini-buses displaying their destination waiting in the center of cities. You may want to pay a fractionally higher price to secure a more comfortable seat.