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Being an island nation, Tonga offers visitors a range of things to do. In this Pacific island paradise, you will find the perfect climate and idyllic setting to take up water sports such as diving and snorkeling. There is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the surroundings from the water by taking advantage of a boating or fishing excursion. A great way to get around the islands is to charter your own yacht and indulge in the leisurely pursuit of island hopping; bearing in mind that just 52 of the Tongan islands are inhabited, meaning you could have up to 124 islands all to yourself.

Tonga’s position in the warm waters of the tropical South Pacific Ocean makes it an excellent scuba diving destination. Matafonna resort provides diving instruction and excursions, offering the rare chance to swim close to humpback whales, which feed near the islands. If full PADI certified scuba diving is not for you, you could rent snorkeling equipment and transportation to the best snorkeling sites.

Between June and September, Tonga is an excellent whale watching destination. Whale Swim is an established provider of excursions to visit the natural habitat of humpback whales. It even provides an opportunity to enter the water to swim alongside the sea mammals with snorkeling equipment, under the supervision of an experienced guide.

For a truly unique experience, you could plan your own route, charter a yacht, and go island hopping around the 176 isles of Tonga. Sunsail yacht charters offers bareboat charters, provides maps and navigation advice, and can also provide a starter pack which contains many necessary items for your excursion.

Bountiful supply of marlin in the Pacific Ocean makes sports fishing a popular activity in Tonga. Ika Lahi provides fishing excursions around the islands of Vava’u, for individuals or small groups, and can cater to your party’s needs.

Because of the perfect wind conditions, Tonga is a great place to take up kite surfing. This sport is offered around the Vava’u islands, where you can contact Kite Vava’u to ask about their instruction and surf packages.

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