Niue’s two official languages are English and Niuean, a Polynesian language similar to Tongan and Samoan. Niuean’s two main dialects are the southern dialect of Tafiti and northern dialect of Motu.


The New Zealand dollar (NZ$) is Niue’s official currency. Alofi’s Bank of the South Pacific, closed on weekends, is both the only bank and currency exchange on the island. Although most hotels accept major credit cards, cash remains the most accepted form of payment. The island has no ATMs, but Western Union money transfers are available at the Bank of the South Pacific.


Niue’s time zone falls 11 hours behind GMT (GMT -11) and a full day ahead of its parent country, New Zealand, which lies at the International Dateline’s opposite end. Daylight Savings Time is not observed.


Niue uses the same Type I plug sockets and 220-240V electricity settings as New Zealand and Australia. Visitors whose electrical appliances require different electricity settings must use transformers or plug adaptors.


Niue’s dialing code is +683, followed by a four-digit local telephone number. In 2003, the island made headlines as the first place where wireless internet access became fully available throughout its territory, but connections are still slower than those in more populous nations, and Skype does not work effectively. Cell phone service, on the other hand, only works in Alofi. Telecom Niue, the island’s only telephone company, allows people to make free telephone calls and faxes from its Alofi Commercial Center office.


People at least 18 years of age can import: up to three liters of wine, liquor, or spirits, as well as other goods worth up to NZ$250 without incurring customs duty. Tobacco restrictions are: 227 grams of loose tobacco, 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars. Ancient artifacts and items made from valuable shells or coral cannot be exported from Niue. Bottles of duty-free beer from Apia, Samoa, cannot be taken into the island. Only one laptop computer, one MP3 player, one photo or video camera, one radio, and one pair of binoculars may be taken into Niue at a single time.

Tourist Office

Niue Island, Alofi: +683 4224 or

Consulates in Niue

New Zealand Consulate, Alofi: +683 4022


Police: 999/4333 Fire: 999/4133 Ambulance: 999/4100