Niue International Airport

Southeast Niue contains the island’s only airport, also called Hanan International Airport. Located less than two miles southeast of Alofi, this small airport’s current schedule are weekly Air New Zealand flights from and to Auckland. These flights depart from Auckland late at night and arrive at Niue International Airport in the early hours of the same day’s morning due to Niue’s location across the International Dateline. Christmas, Easter, and the October Constitution celebrations are the airport’s busiest times as many Niuans return home from New Zealand during these major holidays. At other times of the year, flights are infrequent, so large crowds gather to see each landing.

This airport has no duty-free shop, bank, or any other amenities which are usually associated with an international airport. Some Niue hotels charge a fee for airport transfers, while others provide this service for free. Taxis and hitching rides with locals are the only other ways to travel from Niue International Airport to Alofi on this island which lacks any other public transportation options. All car, bicycle, or scooter rentals must be arranged through Alofi travel agencies in advance.