Nauruan, the island’s official language, sounds unlike any other tongue spoken in the South Pacific. However, English is also widely used, especially for government, tourism and commercial purposes.


The Australian dollar (A$) is Nauru’s official currency. Visitors should bring as much Australian currency as possible to the island as there are no ATMs. The Aiwo district’s Bank of Nauru is both the only bank and only currency exchange on the island. Very few places accept credit cards or travelers’ checks.


Nauru’s time zone is 12 hours ahead of GMT (GMT +12). The island falls on the west end of the International Date Line and does not observe Daylight Savings Time.


Nauru uses the same 220-240 V electricity settings and Type I plug sockets as Australia. Adaptors and transformers are recommended for travelers.


The dialing code for Nauru is +674, and all outgoing international calls must be placed through an operator. Cell phone service remains sporadic, there is no daily newspaper and there is only one post office on the entire island. The Aiwo district’s Civic Center complex contains one of the island’s few internet cafés.


Nauru International Airport no longer has a duty-free shop, but international visitors over the age of 16 can import up to 500 grams of tobacco or 200 cigarettes without incurring customs. Visitors over the age of 21 can import up to two liters of alcohol duty free. A license is required to take Nauruan artifacts out of the country, while importing pornography, weapons and drugs is strictly prohibited.

Tourist Office

Discover Nauru, Yaren: +674 557 3142 or

Embassies and Consulates in Nauru

Australian Consulate, Aiwo: +674 557 3380
Taiwanese Embassy, Yaren: +674 444 3162


Police: 110
Fire: 112
Ambulance: 111